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How to Shred Weight this Spring

Spring into Action: How to Shred Weight this Spring Despite the many weight-related resolutions most people make around the first of the year, the winter months make weight loss especially difficult. What with typical freezing temperatures typical to western NY, holidays, and busy schedules such as kids’ schooling and sport events, it’s hard to make healthy weight a priority. But Continue Reading

Advice for Medical Weight Loss

Advice for Medical Weight Loss You’ve probably heard a lot of advice about the best way to lose weight. You have access to a multitude of resources – online, digital and print magazines, TV shows, etc. – and they all talk about the best, most efficient way to diet and lose weight. Our advice is a bit different than these “fad” Continue Reading

Patient Testimonial

I truly want to thank Dr. Masood for helping me achieve my weight loss goals. She is an amazing provider. She really designed a plan that worked for me and has the right staff on her team that guided me (what to eat, what type of exercises to do, how to stay motivated). The hours of the clinic are so Continue Reading

Diet vs. Exercise; Lose Weight Rochester NY

The Secret Behind Diet Vs. Exercise Lose Weight Rochester NY Maybe you’ve been exercising diligently, but you don’t feel any closer to achieving your weight loss goals. Why won’t that stubborn scale budge? Well, you’re not alone. Many of our patients get frustrated when they have consistent exercising habits, but don’t see any changes in their weight. Why even bother Continue Reading