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7 Steps for Weight Loss for Diabetics

7 Steps for Weight Loss for Diabetics There is a diabetes epidemic in America. According to data from 2015, over 30 million Americans had diabetes, the majority of which had type-2 diabetes. An estimated 90 percent of those with type-2 diabetes are considered overweight or obese. Weight loss is an effective prevention and treatment of type-2 diabetes. Below are some Continue Reading

InBody 570 to Customize Your Fat Loss Plan

How We Use InBody 570 to Customize Your Fat Loss Plan Obesity is a serious problem as it leads to a number of conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even cancer. It’s easy to disregard the situation when you gain a few pounds during the holidays, but things can quickly get out of hand to the Continue Reading

How to Shred Weight this Spring

Spring into Action: How to Shred Weight this Spring Despite the many weight-related resolutions most people make around the first of the year, the winter months make weight loss especially difficult. What with typical freezing temperatures typical to western NY, holidays, and busy schedules such as kids’ schooling and sport events, it’s hard to make healthy weight a priority. But Continue Reading

Advice for Medical Weight Loss

Advice for Medical Weight Loss You’ve probably heard a lot of advice about the best way to lose weight. You have access to a multitude of resources – online, digital and print magazines, TV shows, etc. – and they all talk about the best, most efficient way to diet and lose weight. Our advice is a bit different than these “fad” Continue Reading