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As a 71 year old male, private pilot weighing 280 pounds, I was facing losing my flight medical and becoming a diabetic. My regular physician recommended Dr. Gule-Rana Masood’s Rochester Medical Weight Loss Center. Having tried many diets in the past unsuccessfully, I researched Dr. Masood’s program on the Internet and found the information to be realistic to my needs and worth making a call for an initial appointment.

At the initial appointment in January of 2015, the program was explained in detail to me by Dr. Masood and a plan was designed around my lifestyle and schedule. Over the next six months, I was monitored by Dr. Masood and her staff through monthly visits, blood tests, and physical checks. The results were the loss of 60 plus pounds, lower blood pressure and a normal A1C.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is facing obesity problems as I was.

What incident or trigger prompted you to join the weight loss program?


How many times have you tried to lose weight and what different programs have you tried?

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Anonymous, July 2015,

When I enrolled in the Weight Loss Clinic with Dr. Masood, I really didn’t know what to expect. I had tried so many weight loss programs and had failed at every single one that I was afraid to start again. I met with you and Jen and you explained the entire program to me. I then met with Dr. Masood whose first question was: “Are you serious about losing weight?” and I thought, how odd. Of course I am serious. She said ok, then we will begin by taking some body measurements and when I have the results, I will let you know what I can recommend.


That day changed my life! Dr. Masood took time to explain the health hazards I could expect if I didn’t change my life-style and my diet. She didn’t take a reprimanding tone with me; she sincerely expressed her concern for me not as a patient but as a human being. Since enrolling in the program in August, I have lost more weight than I could imagine. I was started on a high protein diet and Dr. Masood strictly forbid me from eating any carbs like rice, pasta, bread, etc. for 30 days. I purchased two meals and one healthy snack—oatmeal for breakfast, chicken noodle soup for lunch, and rocky road protein bars as a snack. Each meal pack covers 7 days. I was allowed one selfie meal per day, and I chose either a salad with chicken or fish, or steamed or grilled
vegetables with chicken or fish.


The protein meals keep me full so that I am not hungry and the selfie meal gives me some flexibility. I am happy to say that I have lost 7.5 pounds since August, I’ve maintained my muscle because of the high proteins, and have lost a great deal of fat. I also started on an exercise program recommended by Jen which is very low impact.


I’m a 61 year old woman who never dreamed that I would be able to lose weight again, but here I am fitting into my clothes better (in fact I went down one size), I’m full of energy, and I am not hungry! I love it! Thank you Dr. Masood, Katie and Jen—you all are the greatest!

Naimah S., October 10, 2014

I joined the Rochester Weight Loss Center program in August, 2014. After my initial meeting with Wellness Coordinator, Katie Johnson, Physician/Bariatrician, Dr. Gule-Rana Masood and Exercise Physiologist, Jen Lee, I was pleasantly surprised to find this weight loss program was just what I was looking for! The program was individualized based on my personal goals and physical abilities/limitations, as well as detailed metabolic and nutritional needs. At six weeks I had already achieved a 20 lb. weight loss! Dr. Masood and her Staff are welcoming, professional, personally supportive, and a true joy to partner with on my journey to better health!

Kathi P., September 23, 2014