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I struggled most of my adult life with being overweight. I never wanted to look in a mirror, and I dreaded the idea of clothes shopping. Unless it was for shoes; fat people don't mind buying shoes. So when I finally had the means to join the program, I was all in. I followed every rule given to me because I knew it would work.


And it did. The pounds literally melted off, my energy level skyrocketed, and my confidence soared. Dr. Masood is very encouraging and the program is easy to follow if you are serious about results. I actually looked forward to weigh-ins, if you can believe that.


I quickly dropped two dress sizes and was excited that the clothes in my closet actually had a little drape and looked better on me. Then the clothes in my closet no longer fit and I had to go shopping. I was so excited to be able to finally be looking for a smaller size that a bigger one. By the end of the program, I had dropped five sizes and was able to fit in a size I hadn't worn in at least 10 years.


I have been empowered to take the next step and keep the weight off, while working to lose the extra weight I still carry. I have the knowledge to do so and know that I can go to the Weight Loss Clinic anytime to purchase food and use the machine for a low fee to see my progress. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for the answer to weight loss. Even if it is just to get you "halfway there” as in my case. An enormous thank you goes out to Dr. Masood and her staff for helping me be successful. You're the best!

Bequita P., Cohocton, NY January 2017

Seeking out the help from Rochester Medical Weight Loss (RMWL) was the best decision I could have made for myself. After a recent loss, I had gained 30 pounds on top of the 10 pounds that I still had to lose after the birth of my son. I was feeling low and discouraged, and after much research, I chose to try RMWL.

I can't thank Dr. Masood and her staff at RMWL enough for helping me through this journey. I have lost 32 pounds in 6 months, gradually and in a healthy manner. Now I am more conscious of my heating habits without depriving myself, significantly more energetic, and much more happy. I am more confident not only in my appearance, but in the knowledge that I can overcome any obstacle as well.

I highly recommend RMWL to those who are serious about obtaining their weight loss goals!

Anonymous, Webster NY,

From my first meeting with the Rochester Medical Weight Loss Center, the whole office made me feel very comfortable with the decision to use a medical approach to weight loss. I have tried many, many methods of losing weight and getting back into shape over the 50 years of my life, and all fell short of my desired outcome.


The group at RMWLC worked as a team to guide, educate, and motivate me to keep pushing on to reach my goals. In my opinion, a doctor guided weight loss program is the only way someone can reach their weight loss goals and, most importantly, change their future by getting healthy and live a more satisfying life.


Dr. Masood is very passionate about her profession and works very hard to help her clients reach their personal health goals. She educated and motivated me to lose the weight that could have brought me to a premature death or at least many diseases that come with the bad fat that I had built up over the years of eating poorly.


I have not felt this good in over 20 years as I can now workout the way I know I should without losing the energy to do the other important things in my life. My confidence has increased and I now look forward to the summer months of bathing suits and short sleeve shirts.


Thanks again, team!!!



Anonymous, July 2016 ,

I truly want to thank Dr. Masood for helping me achieve my weight loss goals. She is an amazing provider. She really designed a plan that worked for me and has the right staff on her team that guided me (what to eat, what type of exercises to do, how to stay motivated). The hours of the clinic are so reasonable for someone who works full time to be seen as frequently as the program requires.

I am amazed at the weight I have been able to lose in the short amount of time as I have not been this successful with other programs before. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to lose weight and to have the support of a licensed medical provider. I wish I would have known to choose this program sooner! Thank you Dr. Masood and team!

Patricia H., Webster NY, October 2015,